At Chalice Sparx camp and retreat for Unitarian Universalist families, our children's programs emphasize learning and exploring our natural world at appropriate developmental levels. Our focus is upon the idea outlined in our first Unitarian Universalist Principle: "The Inherent Worth & Dignity of all persons" and embodies our seventh Principle: "The interdependent web of all existence." Activities help them move from an abstract notion to a real one when children can explore these principles in a natural setting with a diverse community of people of all ages. 

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However, there are no camp counselors here to whisk children or teenagers away to learn separately from the adults.

We use Explore Stations for religious exploration and faith development, a series of stations designed to be explored as a family -- with a variety of activities of creative expression, spiritual practices and faith development. Children under age of five will usually require assistance in experiencing some of the variety of Explore Stations designed to be for inspiring all ages. Families are encouraged to explore them together even if your children are older. By asking deepening questions, older children, youth and adults are challenged on their appropriate developmental level. Even adults without children can enjoy the Explore Stations as a fun way to learn and reflect through play -- something we forgot was important when we thought we "aged out" of explorative inquiry.

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Angel Cyan explore stations