Unitarian Universalist Family Camp
in SW Michigan


Amigo Centre is located north of Sturgis, Michigan and Interstate I-80/90 which runs through northern Indiana. Located on the shores of two lakes -- Chapin and Perrin, there are plenty of opportunities to experience nature and embrace the beauty of our natural environment.

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To get to West Shore Lodge turn off of Banker Street Road onto West Shore Drive which will be before or after the entrance to Amigo Centre depending upon which way you are traveling. This is where many of our families will be staying and where most of our group activities will take place. Drive until West Shore Drive ends and you will be right outside of West Shore Lodge.

Amigo Centre
26455 Banker Road
Sturgis, Michigan 49091

Amigo Park
27091 N. Amigo Park Dr. 
Sturgis, Michigan 49091
Across Perrin Lake from Amigo Centre


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