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9:00 ET (8:00 CT)   Exploring Balance:
Yoga for all Ages
(via zoom)
10:00 ET ( 9:00 CT)   Worship for All Ages
(via zoom)
Worship for All Ages
(via zoom)
11:00 ET (10:00 CT)   Exploring Creativity:
Making Salt Mandalas
(via zoom)
Exploring Music:
Making Tambourines and Shakers
(via zoom)
12:00 ET (11:00 CT)   Lunch (on your own) Lunch (on your own)
2:00 ET (1:00 CT)   Scavenger Hunt Minecraft for UU Kids
3:30 ET (2:30 CT)   Covenant Groups (via zoom) Covenant Groups (via zoom)
5:30 ET (4:30 CT) Dinner (on your own) Dinner (on your own) Dinner (on your own)
7:00 ET (6:00 CT) Welcome, Introductions & Games
(via zoom)
UUs Got Talent! Talent Show Duct Tape Fashion Show (via zoom)
8:30 ET (7:30 CT) Joke-a-thon and Dance Party
(via zoom)
Bonfire (Make your own s'mores) Bed time story in pajamas
Goodnights not Goodbyes
(via zoom)