Early risers can go for a peaceful walk on one of the many trails of Camp Friedenswald or walk the labyrinth, then head to Sycamore Lodge for a shared breakfast. Our morning officially starts with a multigenerational worship service in the Nature Center. Then it's time for religious exploration for all ages back at Sycamore Lodge.

The second meal of the day is shared in community in Sycamore Lodge. After lunch, there's a variety of scheduled outdoor activities like archery lessons and canoeing. Or you can take time for a nap, take a swim or read a book while enjoying the air-conditioning in Sycamore Lodge.

The evening at camp starts with an early dinner and afterward some shared fun and bonding time for people of all ages – such as S'mores and a sing-a-long at the bonfire or enjoying freshly popped popcorn in a kettle over a fire at Popcorn Hollow.

Nine o’clock is time for the young ones to settle down and be tucked in bed for the night. But the experience doesn’t end there. Preteens and teens can gather downstairs in the Common Area of Sycamore Lodge for some board or role-playing games while adults can join together around the bonfire or hang out together in Sycamore Lodge.

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